If you can’t tolerate bisphosphonates, or they are not effective for you, denosumab can be taken. Denosumab slows down bone loss after menopause. It is used in women whose osteoporosis is a result of treatment of treated for breast cancer.  It is also used in treating osteoporosis in men resulting from treatment of prostate cancer.

It comes in a solution to be injected under the skin by your doctor or nurse at the clinic. It is given once every six months.

Patients who are treated with denosumab must take supplements of calcium and vitamin D.  

Denosumab is another osteoporosis medicine. It is a shot given at your doctor’s office every 6 months.  It slows down the body’s natural process of breaking down or removing minerals from bone. Denosumab might increase the risk of getting infections.

Side Affects

Rarely, death of areas of the jaw bone (also called osteonecrosis of the jaw) and low blood levels of calcium (hypocalcemia) may occur. Sporadically atypical femur fracture (AFF) occurs.