Eat a diet for healthy bones

An adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D is needed to protect bone from breaking easily. Also there should be adequate intake of calories to avoid malnutrition.

At a routine check-up, my doctor said it was time for me to do scan to check my bone density. I didn’t think it was necessary since I didn't have aches and pain. He said you don’t normally feel osteoporosis. So I had the scan and it showed I had osteoporosis. I was surprised.  That was 4 years ago.  And I have been taking medicine for osteoporosis ever since. My doctor said that the medicine would not only help to slow the bone loss and that this would help me from breaking any bones. He also said the wrist is one of the most common bones to break, as well as the spine and hip. But of course any bone is capable of breaking!  My doctor also told me to take calcium with vitamin D every day to keep my bones healthy. 

A week ago I slipped and fell on my arm and went to the ER where they did an X-ray. Luckily, it showed I hadn't broken any bones. The day after the accident I called my doctor’s nurse and I told her about the fall.  She asked if I had been following the exercise plan my doctor gave me with the meds and I said, “What exercise plan?”  I usually just do house chores  when I get home and didn’t realize I was supposed to be exercising.  The nurse said that weight-bearing exercise, which is exercise you do standing on your feet, like walking, going up the stairs or dancing, helps to strengthen the bones and helps to prevent you from falling. She also said that lifting weights can make my muscles and bones stronger.  So I signed up at the gym and tomorrow I will start doing some exercises.  I am so excited!

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